“I’ll get straight to it. I suffered a severe anxiety attack a few weeks ago. None of my usual techniques were working. I did the breathing, the focus object, the mantra… I tried everything. This had been going on for hours when my girlfriend walked in. She panicked a bit, as she had never seen it this bad, and she ran straight for her CBD that she uses daily. Before I knew it she was dropping it under my tongue. Within 20 minutes I was able to breathe and actually communicate. I cannot believe it took this for me to try CBD for my anxiety. I’ve taken it every day since! I am now a firm believer and a forever customer of Be Free CBD!"
“The Be Free CBD products have been such a game changer to my health and fitness routine. The tinctures provide a trusted and clean resource of heightened levels of mental agility, a more mindful and present state of awareness, as well as decreased levels of inflammation. I honestly cannot rave about these tinctures enough.”
"I started using Be Free CBD about 2 months ago. From the first time I used it I noticed a difference in my focus and how calm I was, all anxiety had left me. I've continued to use this product to also help me quit smoking, and it's helped tremendously with cravings and again, bringing more focus to me. Be Free CBD is also the cleanest, smoothest CBD oil I have ever used. I'm so relieved to have finally found a product that not only works. But that I can truly TRUST since it is all natural, clean CBD. Thank you Be Free CBD for bringing this product to the market. It's definitely something the market was missing and now we have it!!"
Be Free…for real. Be Free from emotionally unstable ground. I was struggling with a personal matter. I felt myself going downhill fast. Uncontrollable. This is unusual for me. I’m a fighter and survivor. I get through anything…because I have to. Well not this time. Taking a shower was hard to do. Getting out of bed was hard to do. Crying all day was not an option, yet I found myself doing just that. I started counseling because I didn’t recognize this version of myself. My counselor, whom I had seen in the past, was so concerned for my condition that she recommended I talk to my doctor about getting on an antidepressant. I have seen first hand what these can do to people so I immediately reached out to a personal friend for help finding a CBD option. She recommend trying the Be Free CBG & CBD oil. She instructed me to take .5 ml per day under the tongue. She also informed me that to receive the full benefit of this product, I will need to take it daily. I never knew this. I am almost 2 weeks into using Be Free and I am happy to report I’m stable. I still feel emotion, however, I’m able to manage them and continue to be functional. The migraines even stopped. My husband noticed a difference after just a day. The Be Free team checked in with me at 1 week. I was so happy to tell them about my progress. I definitely know Be Free CBD will be in my life on a regular basis moving forward.
“I started to use Be Free CBD in the morning after coffee to calm the stress of work and to keep me calm, cool and collected through out the day. Now that I have been home for some time I have changed my routine to taking Be Free CBD before bed. It really helps to quiet the noise of stress through this pandemic so I can get a restful nights sleep. Thank you for creating a pure and smooth tincture to aid in my daily self care routine.”
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